Morgan Hill Weather News: Sunday 10/10/2010 4:15pm

Morgan Hill Weather is four years old this month and it's interesting to track back through
the news archives to see what was happening this month in past years. For example, on
October 13th last year we had a BIG storm that flooded many streets in town. In contrast,
this coming week we are due to have abnormally warm weather with elevated fire risk
due to forecast wind speeds plus low humidity. What a difference a year makes!

To mark our anniversary, a new webcam display mode has just been launched. Instead of
getting a new image once every 30 seconds, you will now see one EVERY second... so
1fps video if you like!!

The video will continue to play for up to 30 minutes unless you hit the STOP button. After
the 30 minute timeout, just hit the START button to keep watching. Also while the video is
playing, the pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) controls will appear when you hover your mouse over the
webcam image. They behave as before although the activity lockout has been reduced to
10 minutes from 30 minutes and a status display will tell you how long you have to wait.

We have changed the archive frequency too, deciding to save images once per minute
rather than once every 30 seconds. There might be some "teething" problems with this
change so bear with us if you see some strange behavior in the next couple of days.

All of our summer updates for this year have been happening over on Facebook. I think
the highlight would be "lots of wildlife photos" !

You can find us at :  

Finally, if you are visiting the area to watch the Open PGA Golf tournament over
at CordeValle in San Martin... then welcome!!  Stop by any time to checkout the weather
over the course or traffic through the valley. Looks like it's going to be great golfing
weather in the week ahead.
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