Morgan Hill Weather News: Friday 9/28/2007 3:00pm

What a nasty looking gray day today! Amazed it didn't rain...

Thursday 9/27/2007 4:10pm

Here are a few views from the week so far...

Friday 9/21/2007 3:15pm

Weather and news updates to this site have been offline for a couple of days due to
a system failure. We are now back online but may experience intermittent outages
while new hardware is deployed.

Meanwhile, here are some views of this morning's sunrise over Morgan Hill:

Thursday 9/20/2007 1:00pm

Shots from the fire just started between Fisher, 101 and Tennant. CDF Morgan Hill are
responding with ground crews and a bucketed helicopter. Appears to be a derelict
complex of greenhouses with the fire in the north east corner, possibly started by
downed power lines.

Wednesday 9/19/2007

A couple of shots of this evening's cloud-covered sunset...

Monday 9/17/2007 7:00pm

A couple of pink sky sunset pics from yesterday evening :

Friday 9/14/2007

A few puffy white clouds dressed the skyline for us this morning :

Tuesday 9/11/2007 11:15am

The Lick fire is now 100% contained but CAL FIRE will still be working to dampen
down any remaining hot spots or burning embers.

Sunday 9/9/2007 9:30am

Here are a couple of videos from the fire fighting efforts:

Sunday 9/9/2007 8:00am

Latest update on the Lick fire in Henry Coe Park:
- 90% contained (full containment expected
- 47,436 acres burned (
74 square miles !)
- 1,787 personnel (1,480 CAL FIRE)
- 9 injuries
- 3 residences and 2 outbuildings destroyed
- 51 fire crews
- 176 engines
- 4 airtankers
- 10 helicopters
- 28 dozers
- 33 water tankers
- Cost to date $6.4M

Amazing statistics... both the highs and the lows!

We owe a big
THANK YOU to CAL FIRE and all their associated teams who have
worked relentlessly hard all week to get this monster under control and to keep it
away from our homes.

We've had over 90% humidity (fog) for the last 6 hours and it's still here. Hopefully
another positive contributor to cooling this fire off.

Saturday 9/8/2007 10:30am

Official CDF maps of the Henry Coe Park fire zone can be found here.

Photographs of the fire by CAL FIRE communications photographer Wes Schultz can
be found
here. Example below:

Saturday 9/8/2007 8:30am

Latest update on the Lick fire in Henry Coe Park:
- 45% contained
- 39,585 acres burned
- 1,911 personnel (1,517 CAL FIRE)
- Full containment expected tomorrow (according to CDF)

Overnight fog appears to have spread inland to cover some or all of the park. This
may well have cooled down the fire but will also hamper fire fighting operations,
especially from the air. See our web cam view from 8:30am, looking towards Henry
Coe... that's fog, not smoke !!

Thursday 9/6/2007 7:00pm

Latest update on the fire:
- 35% contained
- 27,000 acres burned
- 1,851 fire personnel
- Estimated time to 100% containment: +10 days

Thursday 9/6/2007 1:00pm

Fixed wing air attack operations are still suspended due to poor visibility from the
smoke. Limited helicopter activity is continuing below the smoke cover.

Wind speeds are picking up. We currently have an average of 5mph from the south,
gusting to 10mph. Hopefully this will start to clear out the smoke.

Thursday 9/6/2007 8:00am

Fire has now burned 18,900 acres. Smoke is still blanketing the south bay area.
Today's weather forecast predicts another pretty hot day with highs in the nineties.
Good news -- winds should shift back to an onshore or sea breeze pattern this
afternoon which would blow the smoke east and away from us.

Here's a great time-lapse view of the fire from Monday evening...

Wednesday 9/5/2007 7:00pm

Latest update on the fire:
- 25% contained
- 14,000 acres burned
- Fire burning in grass, heavy brush & oak woodlands
- 1 outbuilding destroyed, 25 residential units & 10 outbuildings threatened
- 1,700 personnel
- DC-10 airtanker was deployed
- 4 firefighters injured
- Fire originated from a debris barrel

A very smoky sky sunset this evening...

Wednesday 9/5/2007 9:00am

Latest update on the fire in Henry Coe Park:
  • 20% contained
  • 11,000 acres
  • 9 airtankers in service today, upgrade from 6
  • DC-10 airtanker to be deployed for the third day (see photos below)
  • Lower humidity and higher temperatures expected to aggravate conditions

More news on the fire from
KTVU2, KRON4 and CBS5 .

Tuesday 9/4/2007 7:15am

The wildfire in the north eastern reaches of Henry Coe Park (the "Lick" fire in CDF
terminology) has grown to over 5,000 acres overnight according to local news
sources. It could go to 30,000 acres. Over 1,200 fire fighting resources are now
allocated to fight the blaze and CDF are expecting a significant challenge to contain
this one. Rugged terrain with difficult access typify the park, the largest in Northern
California. Four CDF air tankers are expected to be on duty during the day with the
possibility of another deployment of the interesting and controversial DC-10.

Video coverage from CB5 channel 5
here and KRON4 here.
Lick Observatory has a great time lapse video of the fire developing yesterday.


here for the Lick Observatory still image library

Fortunately we have a break in the heat today due to a weather system crossing the
Pacific North West. Humidity will also be higher after a few days where we dipped
dangerously below 20%. Winds were pretty high all night which has no doubt
contributed to the spread of the wildfire.

Early this morning, fast moving clouds replaced the plume of smoke we saw over the
park yesterday:

Monday 9/3/2007 11:45pm

Wildfire continues to burn in Henry Coe Park and is now a major incident. The size of
the fire may well have doubled to between 2,500 to 3,000 acres.

Monday 9/3/2007 6:30pm

DC-10 tanker aircraft just completed it's runs across the Henry Coe fire. See pictures
below as it pulls out of the smoke for a right turn before making a second run.

Monday 9/3/2007 4:30pm

There is an active fire in the Henry Coe Park area to the east of the city and beyond
Anderson Lake reservoir. CDF air attack are currently fighting the blaze and have
indicated that their
DC-10 tanker aircraft will be deployed so keep your eye on the
skies for a *big* plane. Ground attack strike teams are also in play.

Our webcam has been turned around to face the smoke plume.

Update 5:45pm Dramatic photos of the fire from down in the valley close to Highway
101, courtesy of local photographer Mark Bristol :
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Henry Coe Fire 9/3/2007 by Mark Bristol
Henry Coe Fire 9/3/2007 by Mark Bristol
DC-10 airtanker shot by Mark Bristol on Monday at 6:25pm
DC-10 airtanker shot by Mark Bristol on Monday at 6:25pm
Raw video from :

DC-10 tanker dropping retardant
on the Lick fire.
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