Morgan Hill Weather News: Monday 10/26/2009 10:10pm

Sunday 10/25/2009 11:20am

A wildfire started in the Santa Cruz mountains around 3am this morning. Location is similar
to last year's Summit fire. Areas around Ormsby Cutoff and Highland Way have been
evacuated.  CAL FIRE have been marshaling resources from around the Bay Area to
contain this fire. The smoke plume visible on our webcam is nowhere near as pronounced
as the Summit fire. Perhaps recent heavy rains have served to dampen the ground and
slow the rate of spread. Upwards of 15" of rain were recorded in this mountain area back
during the October 13th storm.

In the photo below (from 8:15am), you can see smoke from the fire moving south above
the summit line with El Toro and valley fog in the foreground.

On a different subject, yesterday evening produced a particularly spectacular sunset...

Thursday 10/22/2009 9:55pm

Thursday 10/22/2009 10:30am

Here are some recent sunset shots...

Wednesday 10/14/2009 12:20pm

So the big storm of October 13th is over. Perhaps the biggest storm ever to hit the Bay
Area in October. Definitely some big numbers. Rainfall over 15" in some mountain areas
and over 4.5" here in Morgan Hill.

Similarly, wind gusts topped 70mph in some areas and 50mph in many places around the
bay. Fire crews were on non-stop calls to downed power lines as the winds ripped
through many neighborhoods in the south bay.

We only saw two wind gusts just over 30mph so got off lightly by comparison. However,
the relentless rain caused major problems all over the city with 50+ incidents of flooding
and many roads closed. The drainage canal alongside Butterfield broke it's banks and
flooded the roadway in a few places.

The photo below (click for a full-size version) shows a lone CHP cruiser blocking Butterfield
near the new court buildings as water from the canal has crossed both north and
southbound lanes. More photos (courtesy of Mark Bristol) in our

Monday 10/12/2009 9:25am

First storm of the winter season approaches and it looks like a big one! Remnants of
Pacific Typhoon Melor and according to all forecasts, a stronger and more powerful storm
than we usually see, especially this early. A wind advisory is currently in effect for our area
so not only should you prepare for a few inches of rain, you should also batten down
anything that might get blown away!

Tuesday 10/6/2009 4:00pm

It's October already! Where did the summer go? Some pretty chilly nights have set in and
here in our "offices" the heating has gone on for the first time. Especially yesterday
morning when it was close to 40°F.

Right now, it's a very pleasant 75°F and the highs might creep back to 80°F by the
weekend. Don't forget we are still in high fire danger until the significant rains begin.
Strong winds over the last few days have increased the fire risk.

Unfortunately, last week we were plagued with a series of technical issues which
variously hindered webcam access or at times, stopped site scripting completely.

Sunsets have been getting more interesting over the last few weeks as the sun moves to
a more southerly track for winter. Our webcam snapshots gallery has been updated with
some of the most recent sunset views.

Talking of snapshots, here are a couple from this week...

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Dawn over Morgan Hill on October 6th 2009
Sunset over the Santa Cruz mountains on October 4th 2009
Butterfield Blvd flooded in Morgan Hill on October 13th 2009
Morgan Hill at night on October 22nd 2009
Fire in Santa Cruz Mountains on October 25th 2009
Sunset over Morgan Hill on October 24th 2009
Sunset over Morgan Hill on October 24th 2009
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