Morgan Hill Weather News: Sunday 11/8/2009 8:30am

Numerous news reports are describing a meteor event last night that many Bay Area
residents witnessed. Some claim this was an early blast from the annual
Leonids Meteor
Shower while others say the Taurid Shower which is another annual event around this
time. The Leonids are due to peak around November 17th and expected to produce up to
500 meteors per hour which constitutes a "half-storm".
An unusually strong event is
predicted for this year by NASA. Keep your eyes on the skies (except while driving!).

Although we didn't witness last night's event, seems our webcam might have caught the
remains of it's trail disappearing over the Santa Cruz Mountains around 5:09pm:

Tuesday 11/3/2009 9:30pm

After a very frustrating two days of site outages, it looks like we are back to operation as
normal. Our webcam has been the most unavailable feature, followed by the news feeds
and webcam image archive. All these failures were caused by some PHP configuration
changes made by our site host, effectively limiting scripting features that we were
otherwise relying upon. These unannounced changes came after a complete scripting
failure on Monday morning.

Now some significant workarounds have been implemented plus some more robust and
defensive programming. One hopes these changes will stand the test of time but we also
have a "Plan B" to move to another hosting provider.

Apologies for any convenience to those visitors who stopped by in the last couple of days.

To prove we actually have webcam access restored, here are a couple of sunset
snapshots from earlier this evening:
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Taurids meteor trail over the mountains on November 7th 2009
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