Morgan Hill Weather News: Monday 3/30/2009 11:15am

Did you feel this morning's M4.3 earthquake? We got a serious jolt and a little shaking but
probably not for more than 5 seconds. Similar location to the last quake we felt, an M3.2
on March 12th. Here's a Google Earth location map for today's quake...

Monday 3/23/2009 11:00pm

Here are a few webcam snapshots from yesterday...

Monday 3/9/2009 6:00pm

Calling all pilots... to help you get a quick view of South County Airport, location presets
have been added to our webcam controls. Just look for the text "South County Airport" in
the lower left quadrant of the control overlay. Click on it to pan the camera over to an
airport view. Fine tune with the existing controls.

For the rest of us, there are five general presets (P1...P5) which will take you on a
left-to-right (SW to NW) panning tour of the valley.

Note that the camera settling time is greater for long distance moves so there will be an
extra wait for a second or two before the new image appears after a preset move.

As always, please use the camera controls responsibly and in the spirit of a free shared
resource. Enjoy!

Sunday 3/8/2009 9:45am

Remember to turn your clocks forward one hour this morning? Daylight savings time
started today. Seems so early and historically it is much earlier than the traditional first
Sunday in April. Now we switch on the second Sunday in March and March 8th falling on a
Sunday this year is the earliest you can get!

Looks like we might also get some Spring-like weather to match the lighter evenings. Not
that we didn't need all that rain... we DID! Over 13" at our location so far in this winter
rain season. Not bad but more is better!

Our garden aviary was bustling with activity yesterday as you will see from the new
wildlife photos in our gallery. Here are a couple of examples...

The webcam snapshot collection has also been growing during the recent rainy weather...
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Snow on Mt Umunhum
Snow on Crystal Peak and Loma Prieta
Sheets of rain move across the valley
Beams of sunlight break through the clouds
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