Morgan Hill Weather News: Tuesday 4/21/2009 3:30pm

As we bask in another 90+ degrees of heat, spare a thought for last year's devastating
Summit Fire that launched a very active fire season in our area on May 22nd.

NBC Bay Area News is reporting that an arrest has just been made in connection with the
origins of the Summit Fire.

Friday 4/10/2009 10:00am

Everything is back to "normal" today after yesterday's communication outage that took
away phone and Internet access for 50,000+ households. Our webcam and weather data
updates were down from just after 2am until around 8pm in the evening. This malicious
act  was a pretty
big news story given the widespread affect on banks, ATMs and store
card processing systems. Cash was king yesterday in the south county area. Let's hope
this attack on fiber optic cables is not repeated and that a few worthy lessons were learnt
about what can happen during an infrastructure emergency.

Thursday 4/2/2009 8:20am

Hope you all enjoyed yesterday's April Fool's Day fun!

The folks over at
Flight Global did a nice summary of the aviation pranks, including our own
and the amazing
Hotelicopter... read their blog here.

Not wanting to miss out on the fun, local flight instructor Mary Ann Dach shared our view
of an Air Force One
touch-n-go at South County Airport.

Check out Mary's blog
here... and perhaps take a few flying lessons with her too (but
don't expect a 747) !!

Wednesday 4/1/2009 12:01am

March was a strange  month : Earthquakes, mysterious "sonic booms" and unSafeway
parking lots!

Question is... did anyone notice
President Obama paying a visit to Morgan Hill?

Southern California yes, but Santa Clara County?

browsing our webcam archive I came across surprising evidence that the President
and his famous aircraft
Air Force One did in fact make a low altitude pass over our town.
What was the purpose of this Executive inspection we wonder?

Governor Schwarzenegger persuade the President to view locations of last year's  
wildfires in the hope of securing more fire-fighting resources and a "free ride" in Air Force
One? Or perhaps even President Obama has an eye on the local foreclosure market!

Of course, the President could have just been on a quick weekend visit to his
Hawaiian Islands, sneaking back to the continental US under the FAA radar.

See Air Force One for yourselves below... or click here for an animated fly-by.
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Air Force One approaches Morgan Hill over El Toro
Air Force One makes a low altitude pass over Morgan Hill
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