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Morgan Hill Weather News: Monday 4/28/2008 11:00am

Yesterday's gorgeous sunset was a fitting end to a glorious weather weekend:

Thursday 4/24/2008 10:00am

Like horses? Another newly born foal on the webcam this morning... more here.

Wednesday 4/23/2008 12:30pm

A few new features have been added to the webcam page:

1. Snapshot will launch a new window sized to accommodate the current 640x480 camera
image. You can then save that image by selecting an option from the browser's right-click
popup menu.

Here are a couple of examples from last night's sunset...

2. Focus symbols  are now available in the center of the control overlay. They are (from
left to right) focus near, auto-focus and focus far. Near and far can  be clicked multiple
times to adjust the focus in or out. Auto-focus (AF) should be clicked only once to allow the
camera to run it's focus algorithm. AF does not work well at night and often leaves the
image blurred after a camera move. Manual focusing should help here. Please wait for the
image to be refreshed before re-clicking any of these controls. Built-in delays attempt to
compensate for the time the camera takes to perform the requested task.

Saturday 4/19/2008 2:35pm

Apparently Morgan Hill is not the only "town" subject to unpleasant odors from it's farming
neighbors... CNN has the story:
Stinky manure smell engulfs London

Monday 4/7/2008 7:00pm

We seem to be experiencing sporadic ISP outages on our Internet connection. Looks like
another couple of hours of downtime this afternoon. Apologies to all who might have tried
to connect to the web cam which would have been "unavailable".

Friday 4/4/2008 2:00pm

Here are some images snapped by the webcam yesterday.... on "foal watch":

Tuesday 4/1/2008 12:01am

For Immediate Release
April 1st, 2008
Morgan Hill Weather Provides "Pilot's-Eye" ILS for South County Airport

Using revolutionary digital imaging capabilities combined with leading-edge interactive
Morgan Hill Weather  announces the availability of "Pilot's-Eye" ILS for pilots
arriving or departing at
South County Airport (E16) in San Martin, California.

Online today, this ILS (
Internet Landing System) delivers additional safety and convenience
for pilots by providing a web-based panoramic view of the skies above and around the
airfield. This view is achieved through strategic placement of a high power pan-tilt-zoom IP
camera at 950ft above sea level in the neighboring foothills. Pilots can access the camera
from their PC, wireless PDA or Internet enabled cell phone
(see note 1) and control the
most appropriate pilot's-eye view for their approach.

Local weather or traffic conditions at South County Airport will no longer be a mystery to
the growing community of general aviation pilots.

"Wow, this is so cool... I can land my plane in a hurricane" said one local pilot, who
refused to be named.

"I'm already ordering a pizza and texting my girlfriend while on final approach, I can check
this site too!" said another.

"Now my students can't blame the weather when they blow off a lesson or claim they
can't find the airport again to land" said a flight instructor who lives in San Jose.

A spokesperson for the
South County Airport Pilot's Association said "This is fantastic.
We've been trying to get a web cam on the airport for years. We held a raffle, a whist
drive, a sponsored wing-walk and even an aerial re-enactment of the
Dambusters raid at
Lake Anderson but still only raised $27.13".

"We are evaluating possible expansion of this ground-breaking service to include airports
nationwide, enhanced by a trillion dollar network of military-grade imaging satellites" said
spokesmen for both the
FAA and Department of Homeland Security.

Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are equally excited by this development. "We
don't have anything like this at
Moffett Field and that's run by NASA !!! We are now
looking at South County as a possible new home for the
Googleplex and our personal
Boeing 767 aircraft".

Click here to experience "Pilot's Eye" ILS for yourself!

Press contact:

Note 1: Apple iPhone users are not guaranteed to see the ILS camera image in correct orientation
while executing a barrel roll over the airfield.
Try taking a snapshot now.
Webcam sunset April 22nd 2008
Webcam sunset April 22nd 2008
New born foal
New born foal
New born foal
Sunset on Sunday April 27th 2008
Sunset on Sunday April 27th 2008
Sunset on Sunday April 27th 2008
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